An athlete’s incredible 3 week mindset transformation

Witness the incredible transformation of an athlete's mindset in just 3 weeks with the help of a sports psychologist, backed by science.

Witness the incredible transformation of an athlete’s mindset transformation. In just 3 weeks with the help of a sports psychologist, backed by science.

We used the revolutionary Mindset Factors Index (MFI) assessment  to create snapshots of the athlete’s mindset map. We did this at the beginning and end of the program.

The mindset transformation was simply astonishing.

As the sports psychologist who oversaw the program said: “I rarely get excited about online tests/assessments. However, the MFI assessment is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And I’ve taken every test and assessment on the market, as you probably did.”

Unlike other personality tests, the MFI assessment focuses exclusively on mindset and gives you an accurate mindset map of your client.

The athlete’s transformation was clear to see. The program improved their mindset factors in areas such as identity, inspiration, evolution, self-confidence, fears, intention, spirituality, self-demand, learning, growth, and environment.

A business coach that used the MFI assessment said, “And what’s really cool – this is a scientifically backed assessment and numbers don’t lie.”

But the MFI assessment has applications far beyond mindset training programs.

It can be used to create targeted content, segment email lists, and map your audience’s mindset. It can also be used to improve sales conversations, track client transformations, add value to programs, and more.

So, I’m excited to offer a select few the opportunity to try the MFI assessment for themselves. You will get a personal call with me to help interpret their results.

As the creator of this assessment, I can promise that your mind will be blown.

But hurry – I’m only offering this opportunity to the first 5 people who fill out the MFI assessment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to test drive this revolutionary new mindset metrics tool.

Take the assessment here and ask me anything about your results.

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