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Discover your unique mindset factors map Want To See An X-Ray Snapshot Of Your Current Mindset Level?

The Mindset Factors Index® is the only assessment that unveils your current inner mindset level. When you explore inwardly, by visualizing your unique Mindset Factors Map and metrics, you can better understand how you project outwardly so you can unlock your potential for personal and professional growth.

Experience a unique visualization of your mindset

Step 1 Take the Mindset Factors Index Assessment

Take the assessment to discover your current mindset level. It’s an online assessment questionnaire which will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Step 2 Get your results report and visual mindset map

You will receive your Mindset Factors Index Results Report so you can get insightful clarity, and a map for personal and professional transformation.

Step 3 Understand yourself better and start your plan

Calibrate your inner compass and chart your plan to navigate your personal and professional landscape with insight and confidence.

Mindset Factors In Action

The Mindset Factors Index® Map allows you to see your improvement and mindset growth over time.

You can clearly see this person’s improvement after going through our Mindset Factors Coaching program working alongside one of our certified trainers.

Before After

Remove the guesswork stop trying to "figure out" yourself

Scientifically Validated

Created by a team of psychologists and personal development professionals using science metrics and procedures.

Crystal Clarity

Turn your invisible mindset into a tangible visible report and snapshot that you can see, analyze and work with. 

Save Time

Save dozens of hours of coaching sessions and self-help time wasted in understanding how you operate. We do the heavy lifting for you so you can get to the point insights that will push the needle forward.

Discover the hidden aspects of your mindset that can propel you to new heights in your personal and professional life

Mindset Factors Index Explained

Embracing the right mindset, guided by the Mindset Factors Index, can be transformative in one’s career. This approach is about understanding and optimizing how your personal beliefs, habits, and identity — the core elements of the Index — can positively influence your professional trajectory.

When you align your mindset with the principles of the Mindset Factors Index, you start to operate from a place of empowered intention rather than habitual reaction. You become more adept at decision-making, as you’re equipped to assess situations with clarity and purpose. This strategic approach enables you to navigate complex workplace dynamics effectively, making you an invaluable asset to any team.

Moreover, the Mindset Factors Index encourages you to harness your innate abilities such as adaptability, resilience, and intentional action. It transforms the way you interact with your environment and how you evolve within it, promoting a sense of confidence and competence. Your professional identity becomes anchored in a deep understanding of your strengths and areas for development, guiding you towards fulfilling your potential and achieving success as you define it.

In the context of the Mindset Factors Index, the right mindset is less about a singular focus on growth and more about a holistic harmony of various mindset factors working in unison to propel your career forward.

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